“I really had one goal, to help young women become better individuals, and I thought I could do that best through coaching. I thought if young women could be winners in sports, they could be winners in life. I felt the young women had as much right to have competitive athletics as the young men.” Ruby Miller, Hall of Fame Inductee, 1979.

The Colorado Women’s Coaches Association (CWCA) held its first meeting on April 23, 1970. There were 34 women teacher/coaches in attendance. In 1982, the name was changed to the Colorado Coaches of Girls Sports (CCGS). The objective of providing equitable athletic programs for girls in high school is the same today as it was back in 1970.

CCGS’ goals are to:

1. Provide equal representation for the female athletes in the state of Colorado.

2. Provide statewide communication to all middle, junior, and senior high school coaches involved in girls athletics.

3. Communicate Title IX interpretations through meetings with the Colorado Associations of School Boards.

4. Provide additional state-sanctioned playoffs for senior girls.

CCGS has sponsored the CCGS All-State Games since 1978, currently including basketball (1978), volleyball (1978), and softball (1986). CCGS has also established the CCGS Hall of Fame honoring dedicated and committed individuals who have been instrumental in the development of girls athletics in the state of Colorado. In addition, CCGS provides representation to the Colorado High School Activities Association and the State Games Committee.

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